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Roger Miller (1985)


Roger includes seven of his Big River (LINK SOMEWHERE) hits in addition to a few original songs. This album provides the only studio versions of the…

Old Friends


Roger Miller teams up with Willie Nelson for a few new songs and a few re-recordings.

A story told by Miller during a live show in 1991 gives a…

Making A Name For Myself


Roger Miller's only studio album for 20th Century Fox. The album features a variety of styles, some having been honed on recent albums. Miller…

Off The Wall


Roger Miller's standalone album on the Windsong Records label. Off The Wall features original songs throughout, and thorough production.




Supersongs is Roger Miller's second CBS studio album, and his second to include new (non-soundtrack) songs since the mid-'60s. Miller wrote all of the…

Dear Folks, Sorry I Haven't Written Lately


This is the first album to feature new original songs throughout since the mid-'60s; the only non-Miller song is "The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey's…

A Trip In The Country


Nearly a decade after writing some of these hit songs for other artists, Roger Miller records his own studio versions. The all-star Nashville band…

Roger Miller (1970)

Roger Miller 1970.jpg

This is the eighth and final studio album released on the Smash imprint. It is also the last in a string of albums that did not heavily feature…

Roger Miller (1969)

Roger Miller.jpg

Roger Miller's seventh album for Smash. Composition credits are shared among Miller, Dennis Linde (LINK), and Kris Kristofferson.

Me And Bobby…

A Tender Look At Love

A Tender Look At Love.jpg

Roger Miller's sixth studio album for Smash. There are two different album covers. This is the first of three consecutive albums to consist of mainly…

Roger Miller Sings the Music and Tells the Tale of Waterhole #3


Roger Miller sang and narrated the soundtrack to the 1967 film Waterhole #3. The film stars James Coburn, and is a Paramount Production. According to…

Walkin' In The Sunshine


While his songwriting talent grew, Miller began recording cover songs. There are three on Walkin' In The Sunshine, but they fit in with the originals.…

Words And Music


Roger Miller starts coming to grip with his demons on Words and Music, dealing with:
cigarettes - "I'm a two pack a day man, smoke like a…

The Third Time Around


Roger Miller's third studio album for Smash. Pictured with his numerous Grammy awards, Miller is described as "the greatest new thing to come along…

The Return Of Roger Miller


Roger Miller's second studio album for Smash. Although only his second studio effort, Miller had been writing songs for much longer. His lyrics were…

Roger and Out


Roger Miller's first studio album.

The Moon Is High
Private John Q
Lou's Got The Flu
It Takes All Kinds to Make A World
Feel of…